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    Concrete Vida - About Us
    Concrete Vida - Company History

    Concrete Vida is a small business with more than 25 years of first-hand experience. Concrete Vida was established with the idea to provide quality work at a reasonable price.

    Concrete Vida - Company Vision

    Short cutting the job is not an option. Our focus is providing the greatest quality of work, and providing every single customer that wow experience. We hope to become a staple in the state of Florida for high quality work, at a reasonable rate.

    Concrete Vida - Our Mission

    Prestige quality of concrete, we take great pride in our work, and focus on providing exceptional customer service because we understand that good service is more than just doing the job.

    Concrete Vida - Expanding Goal

    Through high quality work, we hope to expand our reach to cover the state of Florida in the next few years, and reach a wider audience. Too many times, we have heard horror stories from clients who haven’t received the quality of work that they paid for and deserve. We hope to provide a permanent fix to this issue.

    Edwin Calderon - Concrete Vida LLC
    Founder of Concrete Vida, working hard to improve the homes of thousands of clients for more than 25 years. I believe, more than in any other line of work, action speaks louder than words when it comes to concrete.

    Edwin Calderon